Neighbours recap: Mishti runs over Tyler!

Tyler couldn’t catch a break on Neighbours this week.

By Alex McCarthy
A favourite Ramsay Street resident was hit by a car this week on Neighbours!
Tyler (Travis Burns) was the unsuspecting victim when Mishti (Scarlet Vas) accidentally backed into him with her car.
It all started when an argument erupted between Amy (Zoe Cramond) and Paul (Stefan Dennis) over Amy’s interest in Paul’s arch enemy Nick (Damien Fotiou), who is also Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) brother.
Following the argument, Amy vented her frustration to Mishti over the behaviour of both Paul and Leo (Tim Kano).
Mishti was worried about Amy and went to confront Leo about his behaviour towards Amy.
She told Leo that he was acting more like a jealous boyfriend than a brother and he needed to take a step back.
Mishti and Leo's argument led to Tyler being hit.
The pair became locked in an argument and Mishti hopped in her car to get away, but instead she blindly reversed straight into Tyler (Travis Burns) who had just exited The Shed after he heard the news that his father Russell had died.
Mishti was too shaken to help Tyler and Leo was left wondering why.
Tyler was rushed to the hospital, but thankfully he was left relatively unscathed.
Poor Tyler had a rough week!

Death in the family

Meanwhile, aside from the accident, the Brennan brothers were left reeling this week with the news that their father Russell had passed away.
Each of the boys reacted differently to the news. Mark (Scott McGregor) instantly focused on the practicalities, such as the funeral, whereas Aaron (Matt Wilson) was devastated that his father had passed away alone.
Tyler felt guilty that he was responsible for the Brennans not making it to Port Lincoln in time to say goodbye.
Tyler, Mark, their father Russell and Aaron.
Whilst the brothers dealt with the death of their father, Sheila (Colette Mann) was in a world of pain of her own when Fay (Zoe Bertram) revealed a massive secret to her.
The mother of Tyler, Mark and Aaron told Sheila that she had an affair whilst she was with Russell and it resulted in a pregnancy, meaning that one boy isn’t really a Brennan!
But who is it – Mark, Aaron or Tyler? And will Sheila tell them the truth?

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