Neighbours: Piper’s pregnancy shock

A jail visit leads Piper to a surprise revelation

By Maddison Hockey
Love has been a rocky road for Piper. Now, after endless heartbreak and betrayal, the schoolgirl cuts ties with Cassius. But just as she resolves to put herself first, she comes to the shocking realisation she may have another person to consider – could Piper be pregnant?
The drama picks up in Neighbours this week when Cassius' (Joe Davidson) missing medallion is unexpectedly discovered. That revelation forces Piper (Mavournee Hazel) to confront her most recent heartbreak, so she finally decides to pay a visit to the jailbird.
Unable to forgive Cassius' lies surrounding Hamish's (Sean Taylor) murder and his true identity, Piper voices her need to move on.
"She chooses herself and her wellbeing," Mavournee, 22, tells TV WEEK. "She says, 'I've had too many people in my life say goodbye to me, it's my turn, I need to control this.'"
Piper visits Cassius.
The break-up seemingly takes a toll on Piper. Fatigued and nauseous, her recent decline in health is cause for concern for friend Xanthe (Lilly Van der Meer). When she begins to question her symptoms, Piper realises she may be pregnant.
Confiding only in Xanthe and Bea (Bonnie Anderson), Piper immediately shuts down the shocking possibility.
"As soon as you tell one person, it becomes real and becomes true," Mavournee says of her character's dilemma. "She's in denial, which is a very common trait in her."
When Xanthe and Bea urge Piper to take a pregnancy test, she refuses.
"Piper doesn't even want to take the test, because if she doesn't take it, it's not happening!" she explains.
Instead, the troubled teen finds herself back at Cassius' bedside. Perhaps this isn't the end of Cassius and Piper after all?
Neighbours airs weeknights, 6:30pm, on Eleven.

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