Will Sarah's MasterChef risk pay off?

“I think I made the right choice.”

By Erin Miller
Sydneysider Sarah Tiong had to make a big career choice when she won a place in the MasterChef Australia Top 24.
A lawyer specialising in risk consultancy, she was being considered for a new role at her firm.
“I was up for a promotion opportunity and had to leave before that,” the 25-year-old tells TV WEEK.
Sarah calls taking leave of absence from work “a risk”.
“There are things I did have to give up to be here,” she explains.
Yet the opportunity to cook 
in the MasterChef kitchen was a prize too tasty to ignore.
Sarah started inventing her own recipes when she was 17.
“I love my job and enjoy what I do,” she smiles. “But 
my passion lies in food and cooking.”
Sarah adds she hasn’t regretted her decision since joining the reality show.
“I think it’s paying off − and I’m loving it,” the fiercely competitive cook enthuses. “I think I made the right choice.”

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