The ex files: Jonesy's former girlfriend reveals abusive text messages

He's been slammed for how he treated TV 'wife' Cheryl Maitland, and now his real-life ex-missus claims she too endured his harsh behaviour.

By NW team
Married at First Sight fans haven’t been shy in attacking groom Andrew "Jonesy" Jones over his questionable behaviour towards Cheryl Maitland while on the show.
But now one of Jonesy’s real-life former flames has come out of the woodwork to reveal that his nasty behaviour isn’t just a one-off, and that she feels he also treated her poorly.
Tania's since-deleted comment on a Married at First Sight fan Facebook page.
“[Our relationship] started out ok but always thought something was off,” Tania Mofflin revealed on Facebook recently of her short-lived romance with the WA firefighter.
“Quickly the texts [from him] became extremely weird and long and rambly, and I got bored so I stopped replying. At which [time] the abusive texts started, [calling me] ‘crazy’ and ‘the devil.’”
Cheryl and Jonesy haven't seen eye to eye since the start.
She also revealed that when they first met, Jonesy also tried to “serenade her” (as he did with Cheryl during their Perth homestay), to which Tania said made her “[vomit] in her mouth”. She's added that she's been watching MAFS and waiting for his “true colours to come out.”
“Six months later I ran into him,” Tania adds about her split from Jonesy. “I didn’t get a 'hi', I got a ‘your boobs have gotten bigger.’”
Despite twins Michelle and Sharon Marsh sticking up for their friend on the show, Tania believes they are only doing this as they haven’t seen the real him.
“I think they may just not realise," she continues.
And while she has since deleted her comment, at the time of posting Tania had hoped Jonesy would come across her stern words.
“Hi, if this comes up on his friend’s newsfeeds,” she penned. “Do. Nawt. Care.”
Last night during the commitment ceremony both Cheryl and Jonesy decided to leave the experiment.

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