Love is in the air on The Voice Australia

Are Bojesse and Sally dating?

Did you spot the sparks flying between Bojesse Pigram, 20, and Sally Skelton, 18, last night on The Voice Australia
The two were pitted against each other during the battle rounds, however during last night’s show, Bojesse hinted that the pair may be together. Sally was also spotted in the crowd cheering him on.
While speaking to coach Kelly, Bojesse admitted, “Sally’s just an amazing person. I’m so grateful that I met her.”
While he didn’t explicitly state the pair were dating, he did say, “We’re having fun, and who knows in the future there might be something.”
“It’s one of those things in general we haven’t really talked about it,” he adds. “We haven’t had that conversation, we kind of just laugh it off.”
After losing out to Bojesse in the battle round, Sally took to Instagram to praise his performance.
“You are such an incredible person,” Sally wrote. “Despite the outcome of the battle, I am so grateful and honoured that I got to share not only the stage, but such a beautiful piece of music with you.
“I will be cheering you on along the way, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you. All my love, Sally.”

At the time, Bojesse also took to social media to praise his battle partner.
“Couldn’t have picked a better battle partner!” Bojesse wrote alongside a picture of himself and Sally hugging.
While nothing has been confirmed at this stage, we have a sneaking suspicion that these two might just be more than friends.

Last night was the first live show of The Voice for 2017. It was also the first night that the new voting system was introduced – which was met with mixed reviews by fans on Twitter.
This year, fans can vote through The Voice App, by listening to finalists’ tracks in Apple Music or iTunes.
Fans in WA, NT and SA were complaining that they were disadvantaged as they weren’t able to vote during the live show due to the difference time zones.
However, they are able to vote during the week in the lead up to next Sunday’s show.

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