Kerri-Anne Kennerley brings down the house with her Hall of Fame speech

This is such a powerful moment in Logies history!

By Bella Brennan and Chloe Lal
The woman of the night Kerri-Anne Kennerley has given a truly inspiring acceptance speech as she is inducted into the TV WEEK Logies Hall of Fame.
There wasn't a dry eye in the house as the famed star thanked her beautiful husband, John, who watched on proudly from the audience.
"The person who shares this accolade more than anyone else, is my husband John. He been with me for almost the whole circus, up close and personal," KAK began.
"He has seen it all - even liked some of it. He's been there to push me out of bed at 4am with a cup of coffee. He's been there when I didn't think I could do it," she quipped with her trademark wit.
"He was there to party, to celebrate, to commiserate. In the last 13 months it's been a pretty big learning curve. We've learnt things we didn't want to learn, or have to learn. We have learned darling. And we will continue to learn."
KAK paid an emotional tribute to John during her acceptance speech.
"And in that time, we've learned about fabulous medical professionals who not only saved his life but cared for him. Brilliant geniuses in surgery and brains - because I've only worked in TV, I don't know anything about brains!"
"I can honestly say I would give away 50 years of this career and incredible experiences and anything else I can think of, just to have you standing right here by my side, holding my hand," the star continued.
Last year, their world was turned upside down when John suffered a life-changing fall which left him paralysed and in a wheelchair.
WATCH: KAK and John cuddle backstage. Post continues after the video...
The TV legend has been recognised for her 50 years’ service to Australian television.
But despite his heartbreaking injury, the couple have continued to conquer their new world with gusto.
"I promise you one thing though darling, we haven't finished yet. And if there's a message... I'm not sure what it really is but my message is love whatever you do, and love even more whoever you chose to be with. Do what you've got to do," Kerri-Anne explained.
Ending her touching speech on a philosophical note, the 63-year-old reflected: "And if people want to know about survival, I can confidently say that life will change. Nothing is surer than that so embrace it."
"Darwin said it's not the strongest or the most intelligent species that will survive, it is the most adaptable to change. So thank you TV WEEK, thank you mum, thank you audience."
John couldn't be more proud of his wife.
In the press room afterwards, KAK and John were reunited to celebrate her achievement. At one point, John cheekily heckled his wife as she revealed he thought her speech was too long.
Not missing a beat, the presenter joked that she'd be turning her Gold gong "into a pendant" before revealing what plans she has in store for 2017.
"I'm writing a book and still doing some stuff for Sunday Night, which is one of my favourite things."
OK, that speech deserves its own Hall of Fame. Congrats again, KAK!

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