Wentworth star Kate Jenkinson reveals the hilarious moment she wet her pants on set

''I just announced to the room that I was going to pee my pants!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Wentworth is famous for its gritty drama and intense fight scenes, but one of the show's stars has spilled about a hilarious moment on set that is guaranteed to make you chuckle.
Actress Kate Jenkinson, who plays Allie Novak on the hit show, recalled filming a scene in season 5 alongside The Freak, played by Pamela Rabe, where she attempts to kill her fellow inmate with a syringe loaded with drugs.
"[Allie] had lured The Freak into the shower room with a syringe full of drugs," Kate told Foxtel magazine of the famous shower scene, before explaining exactly how tough, long and brutal filming that sequence really was.
"We were filming in the shower for about five hours. I was drenched, I was wearing a wetsuit underneath my tracksuit and it was just way too inconvenient to go out, take all my wet clothes off, pee, then come back and put all the wet clothes back on," Kate said.
"I just announced to the room that I was going to pee my pants, and yeah, it was accepted!" she joked.
Kate says she can't wait for The Freak to return to Wentworth in season eight, which premieres on Foxtel's Showcase on July 28.
With her character Allie now in a position of power as the prison's top dog, Kate hopes she crosses paths with The Freak again at some point in this new season.
"For me, you can't have Wentworth without The Freak - she's the ultimate evil," Kate said.
"She has the power to disrupt everyone and everything ... Any excuse to see [The Freak actor] Pamela Rabe go full feral."
Kate recalled the hilarious moment she wet her pants while filming a scene with The Freak. Image: Foxtel
The full cast of Wentworth will be returning to our screens on July 28. Image: Foxtel
For every actor on Wentworth, the death of their character is always an imminent possibility.
Kate says when the show's writers decide it's time for Allie to go, she's hoping for a hugely dramatic death!
"You can't be on Wentworth for six seasons and not want to die," she said.
"I want to be thrown off a cliff or crushed in some sort of vice or something like that. I want a morbid, graphic death for sure!"
"You can't be on Wentworth for six seasons and not want to die," Kate says. Image: Foxtel
The Freak made a dramatic return at the very end of season seven. Image: Foxtel
Season seven of Wentworth ended on a major cliffhanger, revealing that The Freak is still very much alive, even after supposedly being buried alive by Will (Robbie Magasiva), his revenge for her torturous reign and the murder of prison Queen Bee, Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack).
"I don't think Will even thought about the consequences [of burying The Freak alive]," Robbie told TV WEEK following the 2018 finale.
"Without even thinking, it was an opportunity, so he did it."
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It's understood the production on Wentworth's eighth season was still able to go ahead despite the coronavirus pandemic, as filming on began in Melbourne last October.
Wentworth's ninth and final season is likely to air later next year.

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