Jarrod Woodgates’s shocking Bachelorette finale secret exposed

His shocking admission comes after that lengthy walk of shame along the Fijiian coastline.

By OK! team
Jarrod Woodgate was left gutted after Sophie Monk shattered his hopes of happily ever after on this season’s Bachelorette finale.
After Soph confessed that her “heart belonged to someone else,” Jarrod made his way back down the beach and admits, “I was gonna jump in [the ocean], with the mic on, and just keep walking.”
In a post-finale chat with OK!, the Victorian vineyard manager explained his worrying thought process saying, “It was pretty brutal. I’m still devastated about it.”
Poor Jarrod!
Opening up about how crushed he was after the finale, Jarrod admits that he got teary re-watching the episode.
Understandably, reliving it all was doubly devastating. “I did have a bit of a tear up last night. Of course I did, it was hard. It’s hard watching yourself get your heart broken,” he tells OK!. “And you know the ending and you’re sitting there, watching it.”
Safe to say smitten Jarrod was totally blindisded by Sophie’s decision, as were his family.
Jarrod says his parents believed they were getting a daughter-in-law and honestly thought, “Sophie’s saying everything right and things are definitely going your way.”
Jarrod was left absolutely shattered following the Bachelorette finale. "It was pretty brutal," he recalls.
A crestfallen Jarrod had even considered proposing, with plans of a romantic wedding in the vineyard with Soph by his side.
“The place looks beautiful every other day,” Jarrod says of the family-owned vineyard. “I already said to Sophie that I’d like to get married on the vineyard and she was all up for it.”
Some might think wedding planning after just three months of knowing someone is a bit much.
But for Jarrod, it wasn’t about how long he’d known Sophie but rather the intensity of their connection. “I thought I was going home with Sophie that day,” he reveals. “I was so confident that what we had was there. And it wasn’t until literally, the last moment, when she said her heart belongs to someone else… I had no idea.”
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