"I'll look after you when you're blind mummy!" Reality star Reggie Sorensen shares emotional letter from daughter

Reality star Reggie Sorensen shares the special birthday letter that brought her to tears.

By Lizzie Wilson
They say it's the little things in life that truly count.
So when former Big Brother winner Reggie Sorensen woke up on her 44th birthday last week, the breakfast in bed lovingly prepared by her two kids Mia, 10, and Lucas, eight, was the best present she could have hoped for.
"After the hugs and kisses, little Mia said, 'Mummy, I have something for you – please don't cry when you read it.' I was finished after the first line – I couldn't believe her beautiful words," Reggie tells Woman's Day from her home on the Gold Coast.
"By the end, I must've used an entire box of tissues!" she admits.
"Mummy, I love you so much I can't tell you how much," writes Reggie's daughter.
In the letter Mia writes, "Mummy, I love you so much, I can't tell you how much," and, "If anyone was to say to their mum 'you're the best mum ever' – it's not true, you are."
But it was one very touching line in her daughter's heartfelt letter that struck a chord with the single mum.
"She wrote, 'When you go blind and no one is there to help you, I will try my best.' I thought whatever happens, even when I do go blind, I'll always know she'll be there for me," Reggie says, fighting back the tears.
The lovable mum refuses to give up.
After being diagnosed 14 years ago with a degenerative eye disease known as retinitis pigmentosa, brave Reggie struggles with the bleak reality she'll one day lose her eyesight completely.
But the lovable mum refuses to give up.
"I've had other health issues, but I don't ever want my kids to see me wallow in self-pity. After reading Mia's words, I thought I've actually done pretty good as a mum!" she says proudly.
And little brother Lucas also penned a few words, though Reggie says she might have to spend some more time brushing up on his spelling skills!
"I'm very blessed."
"It's hilarious, he wrote 'most wodful' – but I think he meant wonderful!" she tells us. "He's a funny little fella, despite battling cystic fibrosis. Every day he's with us is a bonus.
"I know when the lights go out for good, my two little angels will forever be the light that shines in my heart – I'm very blessed."

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