Home And Away's Olivia Deeble chats character Raffy Morrison, Hollywood goals and her secret talent

'I just love performing and making people happy!'

By Kietley Isrin
Youngster Olivia Deeble is many things. An actor, singer, dancer, contortionist, fluent in French and one hell of a performer.
But there's one thing the bubbly 15-year-old is adamant she's not – a rebel.
"I've never rebelled," Olivia, who plays Raffy Morrison in Home And Away, tells TV WEEK. "I'm a pretty good kid.
"I guess that's why I love playing Raffy so much. She's thrown rocks at windows and has gotten drunk. It's been awesome to film all that rebellious stuff, because I've never done it."
Olivia says she's nothing like her rebellious character, Raffy Morrison.
In fact, Olivia, whose love of acting developed when she was little, admits sometimes when filming certain scenes she has to stop and do a double take.
"Unlike Raffy, I come from a very stable family," she explains. "So I think there is a little part of me – the awful, rebellious side of me – that's like, 'Hmm… so that's what it's all about!'"
While Olivia and Raffy are very clearly different people, the young actress says they do share some similarities.
"Raffy never does anything to hurt anyone," Olivia points out. "All her intentions are to please, but she would never do anything malicious. I'd like to think I'm like that as well.
"She's also really loving and caring, and I think we're both quite mature."
Olivia, on set with James Stewart, says Raffy's life is more dramatic than her own.
And with a maturity beyond her years, it's easy to forget Olivia is still a schoolgirl.
When Olivia's not busy on set, she's studying hard. Understandably, at times, it can be quite a juggling act.
"I have a really supportive school," she reveals. "But I work 40-plus hours a week, so of course it's busy.
"I do a lot of my studies on the road. I'll be in the car reading notes or listening to audiobooks. I also have an on-set tutor who really helps me, which is awesome."

Of course, acting is in Olivia's blood. Her grandfather, Reg Gorman, portrayed Jack Fletcher in classic Aussie series The Sullivans. Olivia's mother is Kate Gorman, who recently reprised her role as Sue Parker in Neighbours.
"My mum was a dancer and is an actress," Olivia says. "So entertaining has always been a part of me."
She says she hopes to follow in the footsteps of Aussies Margot Robbie and Isla Fisher, who have both landed notable roles in Hollywood films.
"They are the women I look up to," she smiles. "I also speak fluent French, so I'd love to do some French films.
"I'd love to go off to the US, but I'm living in the moment with school and work. It's pretty hectic, but it's definitely something I want to do."
Olivia is close to her actress mum, Kate.
There's no doubt Olivia has what it takes to make it in Hollywood. But the youngster is also passionate about dancing – and contorting.
"I remember when I was young, kids were struggling to do the splits at my dance school and I could go further than the splits," she recalls. "That's when I found my love of contorting."
Unfortunately, being a contortionist has brought injuries too.
"There have been plenty," Olivia laughs. "I've dislocated my elbows and shoulders. But I just love performing and making people happy."
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