Tori faces an emergency on Home and Away: Will the baby be ok?

Jasmine finds herself comforting Tori in a very stressful situation

By Tamara Cullen
Joyful celebrations turn to horror on Home And Away this week when Jasmine finds Tori on the bathroom floor. Doubled over in pain, the expectant mother struggles to stand up.
Will Tori and her unborn baby be OK?
The scary situation is an added stress to what has already been a rough few months for Tori (Penny McNamee). After months of IVF treatments, the local doc feared she'd never become pregnant.
But just last week, she and Robbo (Jake Ryan), who is her sperm donor, discovered they were expecting.
"Tori is in complete shock… she's both relieved and excited," Penny, 35,tells TV WEEK.
"She can't believe her dream has come true."
However, Robbo's reaction was unexpected. While he's delighted to become a father again, the federal police officer has become increasingly protective of Tori. He even broke into her home when she didn't answer his phone calls.
"Having lost his family in the past, Robbo is obviously still very traumatised," Penny explains.
"She's now his No.1 priority."
An excited Jasmine tells Leah of her travel plans.
As this tumultuous week begins, Tori fears her friend isn't ready to be a dad.
At the Diner, Robbo's girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost) calms his nerves and decides to plan a romantic holiday for the two of them.
Later in the Diner, she pours over travel brochures and excitedly shares her plans with Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Irene (Lynne McGranger).
Leah hesitantly points out that Robbo will need to stay in Summer Bay for Tori's prenatal appointments. If anything, life is about to get even more complicated for the trio.
"The Tori/Robbo/Jasmine unit is very unconventional," Penny explains.
"Robbo's over-protective behaviour is bound to cause issues between him and Jasmine as time progresses − and possibly even more so once the baby is born."
Jasmine finds Tori at just the right moment to offer help.
Feeling deflated, Jasmine decides to visit Tori. If the three of them have any chance of making this work, she needs to know exactly where she stands.
At the Morgans' house, Jasmine readies herself for an awkward conversation. Instead, she stumbles upon a far more stressful situation when she finds Tori crying in the bathroom alone.
Fearing Robbo has backed out of his commitment, she attempts to comfort her friend.
But it's not what she thought at all – Tori is doubled over, clutching her stomach in pain. Jasmine quickly calls an ambulance. Fearing the worst, neither of them speak as Tori is eventually taken to hospital.
Could the stress cause her and the baby harm?
Hang in there, Tori!
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