Home and Away's Robbo proposes to Jasmine in an emotional finale week

Is there another wedding on the horizon in Summer Bay?

By Tamara Cullen
Don't put away the decorations just yet – Summer Bay could be hosting another wedding.
In a surprising twist, Robbo (Jake Ryan) pops the question to an unsuspecting Jasmine (Sam Frost).
On bended knee, the reformed criminal bears his soul and asks his girlfriend to be his wife. Will she say yes?
While the proposal comes as a complete shock to Jasmine, their whirlwind romance has stunned many of their family and friends since the start.
Jasmine is blown away when her boyfriend pops the question.
The odd couple have endured grief, heartache and even a sperm donor request together. But in the face of it all, their love hasn't wavered.
However, Jasmine had only recently digested Robbo and Tori's (Penny McNamee) attempt to become parents via IVF. Then, the local doctor suffered a miscarriage and Robbo opted out of trying again.
For Jasmine, it's all moving too fast.
"Jasmine has definitely been on a journey and was so patient throughout the IVF treatment, but it was tough," Sam, 29, explains.
Robbo wants to spend the rest of his life with Jasmine.
"It's a very dramatic few weeks for them, and you never know what's going to happen next – that's what I love about this show!"
Meanwhile, another bombshell is ready to explode as Tori grapples with her recent betrayal.
Determined to become a mother, she implanted the second embryo without Robbo's consent.
This week at the Morgan house, Justin (James Stewart) implores his sister to tell Robbo the truth. He knows about Robbo's plans to propose and thinks Tori could jeopardise his happiness with Jasmine.
"It's nice for Jaz and Robbo to be talking about their future, because it's been tumultuous for so long" Sam says.
Does Jasmine feel the same way?
"They want to live happily ever after, but can you do that in Summer Bay?"
But Tori refuses to budge. She believes Robbo will be happy if she announces she's pregnant with his baby.
Later, Tori makes a doctor's appointment to find out the results. Meanwhile, Justin decides his friend has a right to know the truth.
"You never know what's going to happen next and it keeps me on my toes!" Sam hints.
As the drama comes to a head, one decision could change everything…
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