Home And Away star Orpheus Pledger’s secret heartache

The actor reveals his family’s private pain.

By TV Week team
When the cameras are rolling, actor Orpheus Pledger is never too far from the drama when on set for Home And Away.
However, when TV WEEK catches up with him on a day off, he’s softly spoken as he talks about his family being told his Nan had been diagnosed with cancer.
“It’s new ground – we haven’t really dealt with it before in the family,” Orpheus, 24, says during an appearance for Ronald McDonald House to raise money for the charity.

“We don’t really look at it as an illness or cancer. It’s more just a different stage of life we need to accept and take each day as it comes.”
It’s clear from his smile that Nan holds a very special place in Orpheus’ heart.
“My family all rally around and support her as best we can,” he says. “Whichever way she wants to deal with it, we’ll support her.
“It’s new for me, but I can imagine many families go through it each day.”
Just like most grandparents, Orpheus’ Nan is proud of him being on the hit Channel Seven drama.
“She says she’s a fan of the show, but when I saw her in person, I saw just how obsessed she is!” he laughs. “It’s amazing, because I’ve always wanted to do something like this so the family can be proud.
“And she wants to know all the inside goss.”
Speaking of Home And Away gossip, we’re dying to know about a clue the actor posted about his character Mason on Instagram.

The photo in question shows Mason walking around Summer Bay. But with Mason in a wheelchair in episodes currently airing, will we be seeing a miracle recovery?
“Well, if you can put two and two together – I’ll leave that up to you,” he teases. “Something cool happens to Mason. That’s as much as I can give.”
After nearly two years on Home And Away, Orpheus is in a position to give advice to his mate and former The Bachelorette Australia star Sam Frost, who recently joined the series.

“She’s been on the show for a month and I haven’t seen her once,” he laughs. “We haven’t crossed paths yet.”
But Orpheus does have some words of wisdom about being the newbie.
“I think you have to get past those first few months [on set] and then you’re OK,” he smiles.

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