How to bluff your way through a Game Of Thrones conversation

You know everything, Jon Snow.

By Elisa Parry
Game Of Thrones is one of those love it or hate it kind of shows. It’s a divider, but generally speaking, if you’re not watching it you’re in the minority.
In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, the season seven finale aired today – you can catch up on everything you need to know in detail here.
For those that can’t be bothered doing their own research, we’ve pulled together a few key phrases you can drop by the water cooler tomorrow morning to stay relevant in the office banter stakes.
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But before we get to that, if you are going in completely blind here are a few key facts you should probably know.
  1. The show is set in the mythical world of Westeros
  2. Everyone is fighting over the “Iron Throne” – which is located in Kings Landing.
  3. Daenerys is the lady with the really white hair and dragons.
  4. Cersei and Jamie are brother and sister and also lovers (yep, there’s plenty of incest in Thrones).
  5. There are a bunch of zombie guys (White Walkers) descending on Westeros from the north and if they aren’t stopped soon, everyone is going to die.
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Here are some conversations starters you can kick things off with before you smile, nod and back away slowly from the office debate.
Memorise a few of these and you’ll be fine.
  1. I can’t believe Cersei let Jamie just walk away, I thought he was dead for sure.
  2. It’s so gross that Daenerys and Jon Snow got together now that it’s official that they are related. (Yep, more incest.)
  3. How about Jon being the true heir to the Iron Throne, hey?
  4. Viserion is now officially the most bad-ass dragon of all time…
  5. I really thought Sansa had turned on Arya – I should have known better.
If you stick to the script you’ll be fine. Alternatively, if you’ve got a spare couple of weeks, we suggest you start binge-watching from episode one season one right now… AND GO!

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