Home and Away's Georgie Parker reveals why her family is to thank for her career success

The TV icon, who is ready to bare all, gives thanks to her nearest and dearest.

Sitting down with Woman's Day, Aussie TV legend Georgie Parker reveals there's one thing that's sustained her 31-year-long career – her family.
Ahead of her most daring role yet – which will see the 54-year-old mother-of-one strip off in the name of women's health – Georgie opens about fame, family and feather boas!
What made you want to be a part of Ladies' Night?
After l I saw Todd McKenney do The All New Monty with the men last year, I was wondering if there was going to be a chance for women to engage in the same kind of project, so when they asked me, I couldn't say yes fast enough.
The actress is grateful for all the support she has received. Image: Channel Seven
Did your Home And Away co-star Lynne McGranger take much persuading?
Not at all! I mean she's been doing theatre for a long time, and she's also had a lot of friends suffer through different kinds of cancers.
Who has helped you the most on your journey to stardom?
My family have been very supportive. You can't really do this without family. But about the whole stardom thing, you would never set out to be an actor if you want to be famous – you are just setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment. My journey is not a typical actor's journey.
WATCH: Home and Away's Lynne McGranger is baring all for a good cause! Story continues after video...
The eight stars going topless for women's health awareness Image: Channel Seven
What does your daughter Holly think about your life onscreen and your fame?
It's all she's ever known! She doesn't see it as another life, she just calls it mum's work.
Would you be supportive if she followed your footsteps?
She's 18 and an artist – she's painting, illustrating and doing commissions. I'm married to a writer, our daughter is an artist and I'm an actor, so it's a creative hub in our house.
How do you manage to find balance in your life?
My husband helps me enormously – I was just talking to him then and he was organising my dinner. You need to have supportive people in your life.
What has been your career highlight?
I am lucky enough to say that I'm excited by my job every day, so I think every day that I manage to say I'm going to work is a good day.
With her daughter Holly (right) and Jeanne Little's daughter Katie. Image: Supplied

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