HYBPA's Ed Kavalee opens up on his family with Tiffiny Hall

You'd think Ed Kavalee's son would be his biggest fan, but he insists that's not the case.

By TV Week team
As one of the stars of hit game show Have You Been Paying Attention?, there's no doubt Ed Kavalee is one funny guy. But try telling his one-year-old son Arnold.
"He doesn't think I'm funny, which is very frustrating," Ed, 39, says. "I do all this material, pull faces – nothing. Then, I went to give him some spaghetti and I tripped. He laughed like I hadn't heard him laugh before."
Joking aside, Ed would love to have another child with wife and celebrity fitness trainer Tiffiny Hall.
"It's definitely in our future, if we're lucky enough," he says.
Ed and Tiff celebrate Arnie's first birthday (Image: Tiffiny Hall Instagram).
Going into season seven of HYPBA?, Ed is the undisputed champion, having won 48 times to Sam Pang's eight.
But he claims it's not hard to come out on top: "You're talking Sam Pang and that so-called journalist Peter Helliar. It's not exactly Mensa out there," Ed says.
Ed says he gets all the answers by doing his breakfast radio show with Grant Denyer and Ash London.
"So I don't want to know that the Queen and Meghan Markle's relationship is on the rocks, but I do," he says.
Ed returns for the seventh season of HYBPA? (Image: Network 10).
In between his 2Day FM shift, Have You Been Paying Attention? and Arnold, Ed admits he doesn't sleep "all that much". But he's OK with that.
"I have a great radio job, love the television job and love my toddler," he says. "And if the cost of that is a bit of sleep, so be it."
Have You Been Paying Attention? returns Monday, 8:40pm, on Network 10.

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