Is there a glimmer of hope for Maxine’s return in Wentworth?

“She could come back.”

By Stephen Downie
The exit door has been swinging wildly at Wentworth.
There was the horrific death of fan favourite Bea (Danielle Cormack) at the end of last season. And, season five of the hit Foxtel drama has seen a number of characters leave the show, including
Doreen (Shareena Clanton) and transgender character, Maxine (Socratis Otto).
While the season finale has left question marks over other the future of other characters.
As fans will recall, Maxine left the show to get cancer treatment. In season four, her battle with the disease saw her get a double mastectomy. But, given she’s not dead – not yet, anyway – it’s reasonable to think she could come back.
“She could come back,” Socratis, 47, tells TV WEEK. “But, she could have served sentence by then.”
Socratis goes on to say that initially there was a line in the script where Maxine told Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) she would come back for her.
“But, it didn’t make the cut,” Socrates says. “I thought potentially she could come back, but then because it didn’t make the cut I thought maybe not.
“Who knows – you never say never.”
Ever since Maxine left the show, Socratis has been missing her. In a show full of vicious, vengeful characters, Maxine was different.

“She was a woman that was inherently good,” Socratis, 47, says. “And, a lot of people thought she was the heart and soul of the show. She was more of a woman than most of them.”
Socratis had hoped Maxine would be given longer on the show.
“I was surprised at her exit, so quickly after Bea’s,” he says. “I was interested to see how it would have played out for Maxine and her treatment.”
Proving he’s not quite done with the show, Socratis recently left the country with Danielle for a Wentworth fan event in the UK.

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