Commando Steve actually auditioned for Home And Away last year

And it was alongside Pia Miller!

By Jacqui King
Steve Willis aka Commando Steve is a man of many talents. He's an exercise machine (he's a former The Biggest Loser trainer), he can rock camo gear like no one else can, and he's a wonderful dad to his kids (he and Michelle Bridges' have a child together named Axel.)
One thing he might not be so skilled at (and one we never expected him to get into) is acting.
Yep, the fitness champ confessed on Nova's Fitzy and Wippa show this morning that he actually auditioned for a role on Home And Away.
"Home And Away actually asked me to have a crack for a role that was played last year," Steve confessed.
"What like a River Boy or something?," Fitzy asked.
"[It was] That guy that washed up on the beach. They didn't know who he was, a bit of a Jason Bourne," The Commando explained.
"Oh mate I was pathetic. I reckon my tongue was twisted and in knots."
He also revealed that he was auditioning with former cast member Pia Miller (who played Kat Chapman).
"I was looking at [Pia Miller] and I just couldn't remember anything."

"I thought I might be the next Chris Hemsworth but nah," he laughed.
Fitzy and Wippa both asked Steve if there was an audition tape of his less-than-average performance.
"I bloody well hope it wasn't filmed," he cheekily replied.
Can you imagine those muscles on Summer Bay? They'd have the River Boys running back where they came from!

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