Home and Away bombshell: Chelsea decides to leave Summer Bay

The couple find themselves in a moment of Déjà vu

By Tamara Cullen
Colby's lies have again caused his relationship with fellow cop Chelsea to come undone.
This week, she calls off the engagement and makes a snap decision to transfer to the city. Can Colby stop her before it's too late?
In an emotional week of Home And Away, the cop couple are reeling in the wake of their break-up. Colby (Tim Franklin) is facing the consequences of lying to his fiancée about finding his sister Bella (Courtney Miller).
Fans will recall he stole the address from Chelsea's (Ashleigh Brewer) phone and kidnapped his own sibling.
Dean (Patrick O'Connor) makes it his mission to fix their relationship, but he's the last person Chelsea wants to speak to. In fact, she blames Dean for everything wrong in Colby's life and warns him about facing the consequences.
Chelsea makes the painful decision to walk away.
"Colby and Chelsea's relationship is just so dramatic!" Tim, 28, tells TV WEEK with a laugh.
"It can be a real challenge for them to find a balance."
The next day, Sergeant McCarthy (Nicholas Cassim) asks Colby and Bella to be formally interviewed about recent events and her evil stepfather, Ross (Justin Rosniack).
Colby is suspicious how the police knew Bella was in town. Then it hits him: Chelsea told them!
A fuming Colby has it out with Chelsea on the pier. But she has one more surprise: she's leaving Summer Bay.
Bella and Dean look on with sadness as Chelsea walks away from her fiancé a second time.
Dean and Bella watch on.
"Colby tries to hide his heartache from Bella because she's already been through so much, but it's a struggle," Tim says.
Dean and Bella encourage him not to give up on Chelsea.
"It takes someone giving him that kick to fight for her," Tim explains. "He needs that, and decides to put himself on the line and declare his love for her."
Colby takes off to find Chelsea, but at her caravan he's shocked to find Alf (Ray Meagher) inside – not his fiancée.
Alf tells him she's cleared out and is on her way to the city. This could spell the end for the uniformed lovers.
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