'Bold' star Katherine Kelly Lang could be moving to Australia

She also confesses if her character will get back with Ridge.

By Tamara Cullen
For The Bold And The Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang, who has visited our shores many times, returning to Oz often feels like coming home. So much so, the California native has even considered taking the next step.
"I love the idea of having a place here," the 56-year-old reveals to TV WEEK. "We've looked around the Manly area and hopefully we can buy in the near future. But we couldn't live here full-time, because of my job on Bold ."
In the meantime, Katherine is busier than ever and she's showing no signs of slowing down. Here, she talks about juggling work with her partner and manager Dominique Zoida, and why she's ready to make a huge change on Bold.
For a lot of couples, working together can be problematic. Is it challenging?
No, we do everything together. It might not work for everybody, but it does for us. We're best friends, so it's certainly not a chore. I love him – he's a doll. Plus, the fact that I get to do all that stuff with somebody I love and make it fun at the same time is truly magical.

Maybe Dom could join you in The Bold And The Beautiful one day!
[Dom calls "Never!" from the background and Katherine laughs.] Acting isn't really what he wants to do! He prefers to be the guy behind the scenes. He's very good at it. Plus, he'd make me laugh too much. However, he does run all my lines with me and he's become really good at it.
Let's talk Bold. It's been a tumultuous year for Brooke and she found herself in yet another failed marriage. What are your thoughts on that?
I was disappointed her marriage with Bill [Spencer] ended so soon. The relationship was built up for so many years and within a week, it was all over. Sometimes the show moves a little too fast and I don't understand why that storyline was rushed. But I loved working with Don [Diamont]. I just wish we could have explored that more, before it all blew up.
Do you think she would return to Ridge?
I always think there's something more to play there. They have a son and a long history. I don't like when my character breaks up and moves on to be with someone else the next week. But there's always something between Brooke and Ridge [played by Thorsten Kaye].
Katherine's character Brooke may get back back together with Ridge in the future.
If you could, what changes would you make to your character?
I would like to see Brooke be more independent and not focus on which man she's dating. That said, she should have a loving relationship; I just wish she would develop herself more. She's a businesswoman who once took over Forrester Creations as CEO, so she's incredibly capable. It's time to do something for her.
You posted a photo on Instagram with former character Donna Logan [Jennifer Gareis] in the background. Can you confirm if she's returning?
Well, I can't really comment on that, because I probably shouldn't have posted that photo! [Laughs] I'd love to have her come back. I miss the Logan scenes and working together as sisters, so I'm holding out hope she comes back.
What's in store for you in 2018?
I have a few job possibilities coming up and we'll spend more time working in Italy. In terms of personal goals, it's all about being happy and healthy, and present in the moment. You have to enjoy life.
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