Everything we know so far about Bite Club

Aside from the fact it's going to be your new TV obsession.

By TV Week team
Looking for a new Aussie drama to sink your teeth into? Then this is it. But be warned: the unsettling tale may keep you awake at night.
Bite Club is unique, dramatic and a little creepy. It all begins when two detectives, Dan and Zoe, fall victim to a shark attack. They survive, but the psychological repercussions cause a ripple effect among everyone around them.
But as fate would have it, the pair are thrown back together to hunt a dangerous serial killer.
The Channel Nine show has been filmed in Sydney's northern beaches and will run for eight episodes.
Take a peek at the new cast:

Ash Ricardo

Best known for: Offspring.
Character: Detective Senior Constable Zoe Rawlings.
Profile: Determined and by the book, Zoe's life is her job. While she's moved on from the shark attack with Dan, she struggles to ignore her issues when they resurface.

Dominic Monaghan

Best known for: Lost, The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.
Character: Senior Constable Stephen Langley.
Profile: After a promotion, the charming cop hits the ground running. But as the case becomes more complex, will his nice-guy act hold up?

Todd Lasance

Best known for: Home And Away, Crownies.
Character: Detective Constable Dan Cooper.
Profile: Dan is quick on his feet and uses his intuition to get by. It's just what's needed when he and former partner Zoe are forced back together.

Pia Miller

Best known for: Home And Away.
Character: Kate Summers.
Profile: Kate trained as an emergency nurse, but found the job too confronting. She's the sounding board for bestie Zoe, while battling her own issues.

Deborah Mailman

Best known for: The Secret Life Of Us, Offspring, Cleverman.
Character: Superintendent Anna Morton.
Profile: She's the top dog of the precinct and won't stand for any office animosity. But can she keep her own personal problems at bay?

Damian Walshe-Howling

Best known for: Underbelly, The Secret Life Of Us.
Character: Kristof Olsen.
Profile: Psychologist Kristof is often a helping hand to the police. But his superiority complex and unorthodox approach gets Dan offside.
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