Big Brother's Reggie: I'm so in love!

It has been just 10 months since former Big Brother star Reggie Sorensen met her new man John Jones and the pair are inseparable!

Former Big Brother star Reggie Sorensen and her new man John Jones are inseparable!
The pair met just 10 months ago at the local bowling club in their hometown of Paradise Point in Queensland.
Ssparks flew between the pair after John's good mate and Big Brother co-host Mike Goldman introduced them.
“I’d go up to the bowls club for a drink and to do the meat raffles on a Friday night, and I used to like saying hello to John,” gushes the besotted 40-year-old mum who won Big Brother in 2003 as Reggie Bird.
“I thought in my mind, ‘Yeah, he’s not too bad,’ but I never ever thought anything like this would happen!”
“I didn’t know Reggie much because I didn’t follow the show when it was on,” former Manly Sea Eagles football star John, 49, adds. “But then I got to know her a bit better as a person, and she really impressed me.”
Love quickly blossomed between the pair after John asked Reggie out on a date.
“I asked her out for coffee a few times,” says John, who owns a Brisbane printing business and is also a single parent.
“Actually, it’s funny. The first date we had was very innocent,” he recalls. “Not realising how bad her eyesight was at the time, I invited Reggie over to dinner as I had a nice unit over the water, looking out at the boats.
“I was trying to impress her and I thought it’d work wonders because it’s a really beautiful place.
“I said to her, ‘What do you think of the view?’ and she said, ‘I can’t see a thing!’ ”
“Aw, look, he was trying his best!” laughs Reggie.
The relationship comes as a pleasant surprise to the pair, who have both been unlucky in love in the past. In fact, Reggie and John both admit they thought they’d never find love again.
“In my mind, I couldn’t have given two hoots if I never met anyone ever again,” confesses Reggie, who’s been married twice before.
“I was just chugging along in life, looking after my daughter Mia and son Lucas and doing the best I could. A man never came into my mind!”
“I must say, I wasn’t really looking for anyone either,” adds John.
“I didn’t know the connection would be as good as it is and as strong as it is.”
While the pair know they haven’t been together long, they know it is the real thing.
“I have to admit, in this short period of time and to feel the way I do, I really couldn’t write that off,” says John. “It’s just been such a great chapter for me and now I feel really strongly.” “Maybe it’s third time lucky for me!” laughs Reggie. Read more about Reggie and John’s love story in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale now!

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