"She killed the mood!" Bachelor In Paradise's Leah Costa slams Ali Oetjen

Leah doesn't seem to like the island newcomer one bit.

By Kietley Isrin and Thomas Mitchell
There seems to be a little trouble in paradise this week, as Ali Oetjen arrives in Fiji to shake things up.
The controversial contestant, who appeared in the first season of The Bachelor Australia when Tim Robards was the Bachelor, rubbed Leah Costa up the wrong way.
Leah hints they had a war of words during filming.
"Ali just wanted to find a husband," Leah declares. "She had no interest in getting to know the girls or being friendly."
Leah reveals she is struggling to connect with the new arrival, who seems to be causing a stir on the island.
The 25-year-old says it was clear Ali was only focused on finding a man.
"She didn't even want to chat to the girls," she says.
Known for speaking her mind, Leah concedes it was hard to spend time with Ali.
"She just killed the group dynamic," she says.
But despite the feud, Leah insists she's a changed woman.
She's most remembered for backstabbing and bitching during last year's season of The Bachelor Australia.
A year on, Leah Costa says she's no longer a "mean girl".
"I think I've matured quite a bit," Leah tells TV WEEK.
"I've already done public humiliation and aired my private life, so I think I'm all set with this one."
The former topless waitress wants to assure fans she's changed and if you're expecting Leah, who also dated former The Bachelorette Australia star David Witko, to still cause a stir on the island – think again.
"I'm definitely not going to play it up like I did on The Bachelor," she says.
Leah briefly found love with model David Witko.
When probed for gossip, the reality star teases she has her eye on Apollo Jackson from Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette. But she insists she intends on "keeping it very PG".
"My mother already told me, 'No funny business on TV,'" she laughs.
Meanwhile, Ali, who had been engaged before joining the show, admits she has her eye on more than just one guy in Fiji, including Jarrod Woodgate and Apollo, who Leah also has a soft spot for.
"I saw Apollo and thought he was good-looking," 31-year-old Ali says.
"My ideal partner would want to get married and have two kids."

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