As Angela Bishop marks her 30th anniversary with Network 10, she looks back at her best – and most awkward – moments

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

By Karina Recchi
You could be mistaken for thinking Angela Bishop's life is all glitz and glamour.
As the entertainment reporter and Studio 10 host gears up to celebrate her 30th anniversary at Network 10, she's on royal baby watch, camped out in London waiting for a glimpse of Prince Harry, his wife – former Suits actress Meghan Markle – and their firstborn.
"When I started as a newsroom cadet, I never thought I'd spend 30 years travelling the world and reporting from red carpets," she tells TV WEEK, reflecting on the milestone she'll celebrate on May 10.
"My first day on the job [in 1989], I was sent out to chase Prime Minister Bob Hawke. I had three broken ribs, was wearing a bright yellow jacket, and was basically limping around a building site chasing the PM waiting for the opportunity for a door-stop. But I got the grab in the end!"
Angela will never forget her first day on the job in 1989 thanks to her yellow jacket (Image: Instagram/@angelabishop10)
It seems that moment sparked a trajectory for Angela, who over her 30-year career has faced her share of almost impossible moments – but always "got the grab in the end".
"I was once interviewing [US singer]Lionel Richie and had one of those uncontrollable coughing fits where you never get your voice back," she recalls.
"In the end, I wrote the questions on a piece of paper and he answered them while I ran into another room trying not to choke. He was so considerate and I'm so thankful he helped me out."
When reflecting on her decades-long journey, Angela, who studied drama and arts at university, is in disbelief, yet humbled by where her life has taken her.
"There really wasn't such a thing [as an entertainment reporter] in the newsroom," she admits of her formative years. "I idolised Humphrey Bogart, Robert Plant and Clint Eastwood, Barbra Streisand, Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel. I've been lucky enough to interview all of them except Humphrey Bogart."
Angela with her Studio 10 pals Sarah Harris, Richard Reid, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Denise Scott and Joe Hildebrand (Image: Instagram/@angelabishop10)
Also, there was no such a thing as high-definition (HD) TV, she points out with a laugh.
"There's no need for televisions to get bigger and clearer! The make-up call times get earlier as the HD TVs get clearer!"
Angela, 51, has grown up in front of the camera, sharing with audiences her career successes, personal triumphs and even heartbreaks.
In 2017, when she lost her husband – and the father of her 11-year-old daughter Amelia – Peter Baikie to a rare form of cancer, her world shattered.
A year-and-a- half on, Angela still feels the enormity of what happened.
"I don't try to keep the grief in when it hits, otherwise I'll do myself an injury," she admitted in a recent interview.
"You've got to go and find somewhere to have a little cry. I do it a lot in the traffic in the car, or in the car park at work. You just have to let it out."
Angela with Amelia (Image: Getty)
Throughout her highs and lows, Angela has found solace in her work life, specifically her colleagues at Studio 10; the fans who reach out with letters and messages of love and support; and even during a meeting with global pop star Taylor Swift, who once shared a touching moment with her daughter Amelia.
"She had a beautiful conversation with Taylor Swift about how playing your favourite song can cheer you up when you're feeling sad," Angela tells TV WEEK, describing the meeting as one of her best moments.
"They connected, and it was so meaningful to Amelia. I'm lucky I get to share some of the ride with her."
In her impressive time on air, Angela says she's learnt a lot.
"The main thing is that it's OK to be yourself – television will unmask anyone who's being inauthentic pretty quickly," she says. "Also, a 6am flight after a night of drinking Guinness with U2 don't mix well."
Angela with Bono from U2 (Image: Instagram/@angelabishop10)
And that leaves us with just one last question: having done so much, where to next?
"I've been lucky enough to have some really exciting offers from a couple of other networks over the years, but 10 has always been the 'innovation station,'" Angela says, hinting that there's no sign of her leaving the network.
"I won't lie – it's the best job on TV," she enthuses, adding that she hopes that her career continues for many years to come.
"I think people might be surprised at how long the days can be, how much time I spend researching, writing and often editing my own stories," she says. "But I wouldn't trade it for anything."
Studio 10 airs Weekdays, 8.30am, on Network 10.

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