The Amazing Race Australia nuns Judy and Therese reveal they’re crushing on Beau Ryan

“We’re supporters of the Beau Ryan hugging technique!”

By Tina Burke
Ministry of God's Love Sisters, Judy and Therese, became the second team eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia on Tuesday night.
The heavenly duo only JUST missed out on remaining in the race, being outrun by nurses Nick and Femi in the final seconds of the last leg.
Beginning in Seoul, South Korea, the teams faced-off in a mathematical water spout challenge, competed in a military-like obstacle course and a drone soccer game. They also visited the Demilitarized Zone at the border of North and South Korea, where the Sisters cost themselves time by stopping to pray.
Finally, they had to paddle down Hantan River and meet Beau at the Goseokjeong Pavilion. It was on the stairs from the river to the pavilion that the nuns lost out, unable to run as fast as the boys who had been trailing behind them.
We caught up with the Sisters to find out more about their decision to sign up, their thoughts on 'villains' Ash and Sid, and why they love host Beau Ryan.
TV WEEK: What made you want to sign up for The Amazing Race?
Therese: Well, it was suggested to us to apply for it, and initially we thought 'oh I don't know about that' and then we prayed about it, we checked it out with all our Sisters, and we thought it sounded fun.
Judy: It was such an adventure, and a great opportunity. We feel like it was set up from God, and it turned out to be just a big fat gift from God.
Obviously the reboot has a new host in Beau Ryan. Did you know anything about him before going on the show?
Therese: Oh well, I must admit, I was pretty excited about Beau being the host because I may or may not have a bit of a footy crush on him. I was pretty excited Beau was the host.
Judy: Yeah we liked Beau Ryan hugs, we're supporters of the Beau Ryan hugging technique [laughs].
Therese: More hugs in the world, we say, bring it on!
The nuns are crushing on Beau. Image: Network 10
How did you feel watching that elimination back? You were so close!
Therese: It brought all the pain back, really. We're devastated [laughs] but it was very fun to have the opportunity. We sort of feel no shame in being obliterated by these big, muscly guys. It was a pretty epic ending.
Stopping to pray in the DMZ cost you valuable time. Do you have any regrets?
Therese: We feel like God was in it all and he had our backs, I kind of think in the DMZ we didn't just want to run in and run out. That's who we are. It's a place of reverence, a place of pain, and we didn't want to miss that opportunity to spend time in there and really pray. We don't regret it one bit, not at all.
You got to do some really cool challenges in your short time on the show! Were you nervous about them?
Therese: Some of them were nerve-wracking, but most of them were so much fun.
Judy: The most scary part was beforehand, wondering what on earth are they going to make us do? You've got to face all your fears. We were researching the show online and every time you see a massive challenge you'd think oh no, can we do that? So it was more scary before, than when we were doing the actual race.
Therese: Yeah, fly boarding was the most fun part for me! It was really fun and was something we would never do in our normal lives. So I really liked that opportunity.
Judy and Therese loved being on The Amazing Race. Image: Network 10
What did your fellow Sisters think of you being on the show?
Judy: Well they were really supportive of it, so first of all we thought that was a good sign.
Therese: It was amazing how supportive they were. Two of the Sisters have always watched the show in their own families and have wanted to go on it. Yeah all of them thought it was a good show.
You've also become fan-favourites! Have you seen all the supportive comments from viewers?
Therese: We have! We've been blown away by that. It's been so lovely, people cheering us on and supporting us.
Judy: It's been awesome. Who'd have thought going on TV would be so affirming – people have been just lovely.
Sid and Ash have become the 'villains' because they've been sabotaging other teams. What's your take on their game-play?
Judy: Yeah, we think that was probably a poor choice of tactics, but it really is just a game. They're choosing to play it that way, we have no bitterness about losing that dumpling, we think that's actually quite funny.
Therese: Some of the stuff Sid has been doing has been pretty poor, but we really like Sid and Ash. They're lovely people.
Sid and Ash have caused quite a stir. Image: Network 10
Did you get to spend much time with the other teams?
Therese: Duing the race we didn't spend much time with them, but at the finale we got to spend time with them. We've all got group chats and we constantly keep in touch and are commenting all the time.
Judy: We've loved getting to know the other teams, it's a really good bunch of people.
Who would you say you're closest to in there?
Therese: We have a few buddies in there, but we really want Jasmine and Jerome to win! Rowah and Amani were our praying buddies, we felt close to them because they were depending on God as well. We were close to the nurses as well because they were literally by our sides – they were a lot of fun those guys.
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The Amazing Race Australia airs Monday and Tuesday, 7:30pm, on 10.

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