AK spills on the Survivor scene he’s angry about

“I own everything I did in the game, but that’s the one thing I never did.”

By Josie Rozenberg-Clarke
Aaron “AK” Knight played hard from the first minute he stepped onto the Samoan sand, and the self-confessed Survivor fanatic has no regrets about his guns blazing approach.
“No, I don’t regret playing so hard so fast,” the wedding DJ tells TV WEEK. “Inevitably, my game ended up being what it was through playing hard. I’m glad I went out there swinging.
AK and Henry tackle a puzzle.
“If I had’ve just gone with the flow and voted with the majority I might still have been voted out and then I would’ve had regrets. I’m going to own my game, I’m proud of how I played.”
But the 29-year-old says there’s one infamous moment that he won’t take on the chin. In the first episode, he was shown approaching fellow contestant Tara while she was unwell, appearing to still be scheming while she was vomiting.
“I’ll own everything I did in the game but that’s actually one thing I never did!” the 29-year-old insists. “Tara and I have spoken about this since and we both are aware that I actually went and checked up on her.
AK and Tara butted heads on the show.
“It’s quite funny because it’s probably my one genuine moment in the game and it was twisted to be the complete opposite. That was the most frustrating part of the edit, just that one scene.”
His eventual rivalry with Tara would be his downfall, and the South Australian says he knew he was in trouble when he ended up on her tribe again.
“I just felt myself go pasty white. I wanted to fall over when I saw I drew an Asaga buff,” he laughs.
“When Tara was saved at that tribal council and moved over there, I kind of thought that was the beginning of the end for me.
“My name got dragged through the mud…I just automatically had a huge amount of people then who wouldn’t trust me. I had no numbers, and trust me I worked every option possible to stay in that game.”
AK was the tactical master.
While AK, who lost 13kg while on the show, hopes one of his Samatau buddies – Ziggy, Tessa, Jarrad or Peter – takes out the top prize, his money’s on Luke to be sole Survivor.
“I think he’s playing a great game. He’s such a character. He’s probably the best casting in reality TV that I’ve seen for a long time.”
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