60 Minutes has shelved Karl Stefanovic stories in light of Uber scandal

Is this the end?

By Chloe Lal
Peter Stefanovic may be extremely supportive of his big brother, but the feeling isn't mutual across the Nine Network according to recent reports.
The Daily Telegraph claim that in light of the shocking saga surrounding Karl Stefanovic and Peter talking about Georgie Gardner in a phone call recorded in an Uber, 60 Minutes have decided to "shelve" Karl's stories.
The show's boss Kirsty Thomson is infuriated by the scandal.
The program's boss is sad to be furious.
"Kristy is not happy," an insider shared, explaining that she's contractually required to give him a certain number of hours of screen time.
"She really feels thrown under the bus by Karl. She doesn't want him to be part of her show."
It's believed Karl took aim at the prime time news show.
Karl with his Today co-host Georgie.
The recorded phone call alleges the Today host said to Peter, "60 Minutes is not what it was a couple of years ago - it has lost relevance and lost viewers."
"It's often on at 8.45pm - you draw your own conclusion on how it is going. The people upstairs don't know anything and are out of touch with what's going on."
Karl recently found himself in a media storm after he interviewed Kylie Minogue - with many viewers labelling the chat as "creepy".
Meanwhile, Georgie, 46, has rised above the entire drama - opting to focus on her work.
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