13 Reasons Why Season Three: Five questions we hope will be answered

With another season on the way, what can we expect after the series' thought provoking finale?

By Shannon Gunn
It only feels like yesterday we were excitedly awaiting the arrival of Netflix's second season of 13 Reasons Why. And now fans will now be happy to hear that talks of another season have become a reality!
Some cast members are still yet to lock in their contracts due to salary negotiations, though the third season is due to start production this week according to Deadline.
With key cast member Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker) confirming she won't be returning for any future shows, we can't help but wonder how will the upcoming season work without one of the series' most central characters?
What we do know is that the potential for a drama filled third season is imminent, with many cliff hangers leaving audiences in suspense at the end of season two.
TV WEEK has compiled a list of questions we hope the next instalment of 13 Reasons Why will have the answers to...

1) What does the future hold for Tyler?

One of the most shocking moments from the second season unfolded in the last minutes of the finale, when Tyler plans to undertake a mass shooting at the school dance.
Clay stumbles across Tyler and manages to talk him into handing over the gun, before Tyler flees the scene.
With the riffle still left in his hands, will Clay be discovered with the gun?
And if so, what will the consequences be?

2) Will Chloe follow through with her Pregnancy?

Chloe, who was loyal to her abusive boyfriend Bryce throughout season two, asks Jessica for help after revealing she's pregnant with his baby.
With everything that she knows about Bryce's history, will Chloe keep the baby?
Is Jessica going to support Chloe, despite her not following through with her testimony against Bryce?

3) Will Bryce actually get what’s coming for him?

Everyone was outraged at the outcome of Hannah's trial, and how lightly Bryce got off for his severe crimes.
Will Bryce be given the punishment he deserves?

4) Will Jessica and Justin get back together for good?

Despite Jessica's trauma and the part Justin played in it all, the two secretly hooked up at the end of season two.
Can they move past their history and start over again?
How will Alex take the news when he finds out?

5) Is Hannah’s story actually over?

Although we know we won't be seeing Katherine Langford on the series again, will the memory of Hannah have any significance in the upcoming series?
Has she really been laid to rest?
13 Reasons Why seasons one and two are available to stream on Netflix.

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