Kylie Minogue celebrates a whopping 35 years since her first Neighbours episode with a brilliant flashback

Seems like only yesterday...

By Jess Pullar
Kylie Minogue has come a long way in 35 years.
The singer and former actress is one of a few who can call themselves both a retro and current icon of Australian pop culture.
So how does one become an Aussie icon? Well, starring on Neighbours is certainly a good start.
Kylie Minogue took it upon herself to remind everyone of her initial celebrity roots - her first episode on Neighbours aired this week 35 years ago.
When you consider how much she's done since - smashing the global pop charts, performing to crowds in the hundreds of thousands, still getting millions of downloads to this day... you really can't fault her hustle.
To celebrate the amazing milestone, Kylie shared a clip from her early days on Neighbours as the troubled Charlene Robinson, who quickly become known for her heart of gold, though her temperamental nature sometimes got the better of her.
Watch the scene in the player at the top.
Kylie was introduced as the troubled, yet loveable Charlene Robinson. (Channel Ten)
In the Instagram caption, Kylie wrote: "35 YEARS since my first ep on #Neighbours 💙 My first TV role was when I was 11.
"This was my first big job after finishing school. Well, it turned out to be. Initially it was between one and twelve weeks work... wow! #Charlene!"
Kylie started the role straight after finishing school. (Channel Ten)
We all know what came next. Kylie started dating her on screen love interest Jason Donovan, which naturally caused mass hysteria and an entire fandom for the couple.
The relationship didn't last, though the pair have reunited on stage several times in recent years.
The pair reunited on stage in London in 2018. (BBC)
These days, Kylie is enjoying a quieter lifestyle back in Australia.
She launched her own wine range, named Kylie Minogue Wines, and recently travelled around WA to experience the sites.
And while Charlene may be long gone, there's no denying Kylie will never lose that uncanny flair her character brought to our screens.
Long live Queen Kylie!

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