Holy Fotoula! The trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is here

Slice yourself a nice piece of baklava ladies and gents because the trailer for the sequel to the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time has finally landed.

By Blake Nadilo
Released in 2002 My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a film that defined a decade, and made everyone desperately wish they were born into a Mediterranean family as boisterous and fun as the Portokalos.
Now it’s back – and needless to say the world is more excited than a Yiayia at a feta cheese sale.
The original cast have returned to pick up where they left off, with one very noticeable new addition - Ian, played by Sex and the City star John Corbett, Fotoula's and daughter, Paris.
The film, which will hit Aussie cinemas on March 24, 2016, follows Paris as she prepares for college in the hopes of breaking away from her sometimes-overbearing, always-nosey Greek family.
Fear not though, there is of course another big fat Greek wedding – but it’s between Fotoula’s parents who realise their 1946 marriage certificate was never signed by the Priest.
Ian and Fotoula's daughter Paris, played by Elena Kampouris.
The star of the film, Nia Vardalos, also wrote both of the flicks and is teaming up with Tom Hank’s wife Rita Wilson, who is the producer.
“The reason I didn’t want to do the sequel is because at the end of the first one, I had written that we were parents,” the 53-year-old told the Today Show in the US .
“And in reality, I was not a parent. Even though I make stuff up, I couldn’t write from a place of emotions that I didn’t know.”
But that all changed in 2008 when Nia and her real-life husband Ian Gomez adopted a little girl, which meant she was finally ready to write the sequel.

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