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Is the wedding off? Christian wants to move overseas – but Tori is far from keen

Their love story takes a turn this week on Home and Away

Tell us it's not true. Is one of Home And Away's favourite couples about to leave Summer Bay forever?
That may be on the cards this week, with Christian (Ditch Davey) floating the idea to a shocked Tori (Penny McNamee) of moving to London. Blimey, what's Blighty got that the Bay hasn't? Certainly not great beaches.
And that's not their only drama, with an injured Logan (Harley Bonner) staying at Tori and Christian's while he recovers. Given Tori's frostiness towards Logan, surely this can't end well?
"There's always the risk of Tori being put out, but Christian believes this would be no trouble at all," Ditch, 45, tells TV WEEK, "until they start having a few beers and playing poker."
Christian and Tori are excited to plan their honeymoon - but they have different ideas in mind. Image: Channel Seven
Later, there's a hitch in the couple's wedding plans when they realise they haven't thought of a honeymoon destination.
And they're obviously not on the same page. While Tori suggests a relaxing island getaway, adventure-lover Christian is thinking more trekking in Nepal or bungee jumping in New Zealand.
And then there's the necessity of choosing a baby-friendly destination for Tori's daughter Grace.
"Christian has lived and worked in many places outside his comfort zone, and is very aware that Tori hasn't," Ditch explains.
"She's had to bear the responsibility of her family and raising Grace alone, while absorbing the pressure of the emergency department."
They're not on the same page. Image: Channel Seven
Although Christian isn't sold on the idea at first, the more he thinks about Tori's other suggestion of London for their honeymoon, the more he likes the sound of them actually living there.
Tori can't believe Christian would consider living anywhere else but Summer Bay. She has a mini-meltdown, listing all the reasons they can't possibly leave the Bay.
Sounds like they have a lot to work out.
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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