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Pia Miller sets the record straight on her Home And Away return after THAT notable visit to the Summer Bay set

''Lots of Kat questions!''

By Maddison Hockey
Throughout Home And Away's history there have been many characters who have come and gone.
But few have left a hole in the hearts of fans as large as that of Pia Miller's character, Kat Chapman.
The Chilean-born model portrayed the fictional cop from 2015 to 2017, when her character and her unborn child were killed in a car accident by newcomer Jasmine (Sam Frost).
Despite being killed off, fans have been crying out for Kat to return to Summer Bay from the moment she left.
Ash, and fans, struggled to say goodbye to Kat. (Channel Seven)
Pia sparked a frenzy amongst fans last month when she posted not one but two photos from Palm Beach where Home And Away is famously filmed.
"Hello again," she cheekily captioned the first shot.
We'd recognise that beach anywhere. (Instagram)
She then posted a second photo of herself on the beach in front of a camera, further adding fuel to the frantic fire by captioning: ""Back on set today for the first time in months."
Fans were screaming with excitement over this cheeky snap. (Instagram)
But alas, it seems as though Pia's Palm Beach visit wasn't related to her Summer Bay past.
In fact, the mother-of-two has revealed during an Instagram QandA that she's isn't planning on returning to the show any time soon, if ever.
One devoted fan asked Pia: "Do you miss playing Kat?" To which she sadly responded: "Lots of Kat questions! I really enjoyed playing Kat. I have great memories of my time on H&A, I loved it, but no not coming back."
Pia set the record straight. (Instagram)
Pia "loved" playing the police officer. (Instagram)
Maybe it's the optimist in us that is hoping Pia is just throwing us off the scent of what would be one of the most shocking Home And Away returns of all time.
Or, perhaps, it's time we truly do let the beloved Kat Chapman rest in peace… We know which we'd prefer.

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