Home and Away

Sarah Roberts and Zoe Ventoura just teased a HUGE Home And Away return for the show’s favourite couple

''Alex, it’s me…''

By Maddison Hockey
Home And Away fans could be in for quite the reconciliation next week with both Zoe Ventoura and Sarah Roberts teasing the return of beloved character, Alex.
Following Thursday's episode Channel Seven teased footage from next week's storylines.
In the clip Willow (played by Sarah) can be seen telling Amber that not everyone "gets their happy ending".
To which Amber responded: "It happens. You and Alex can still do this."
Alex and Willow were fan faves. (Channel Seven)
After the conversation, Willow goes outside to make a phone call and can be heard saying, "Alex, it's me…"
The screen cuts to black and we're covered in Goosebumps!
The teaser which was shared on a fan page dedicated to the fictional couple was then, very tantalisingly re-shared by BOTH Zoe and Sarah.
Sarah teased fans further by simply adding a gif saying 'What is happening'.
This says it all. (Channel Seven)
If that's not confirmation Alex is making a comeback we don't know what is.
However, Alex's return could mean the end of Sarah Roberts' time on the show, if she chooses to ride off into the sunset with her ex.
Sarah hinted at Zoe's return and a possible exit storyline to Stuff.co.nz just weeks ago.
"[Willow]'s had a rough ride when it comes to love, but everyone in the Bay has. I mean, you get married in the morning and divorced in the evening," she told the publication.
"I went to the producer and the writer again, and asked if Alex could come back and just tap Willow on the shoulder and then they could just drive off into the sunset together. But I guess you've got to wait and see what happens."