Home and Away

It’s official, we’re obsessed with Home And Away’s Tori and Christian's blossoming romance thanks to this steamy teaser

Awkward flirtation alert.

By Maddison Hockey
Summer Bay is shaping up to have a summer of love as romance blossoms not only between Roo and Owen and Mackenzie with both Tane AND brother Ari, but also Tori and the hunky new doc in town, Christian Green.
Tori's portrayer Penny McNamee has shared a cheeky new teaser to her Instagram of her upcoming awkward flirtation with Dr Green, and the chemistry is so sizzling we have hot goose bumps. How is that even possible?!
"I dedicate this trailer to all the ladies who have ever liked a guy, but mis-read the signals. I stand with you in solidarity. 🙋‍♀‍❤‍" she perfectly captioned the post.
Is it hot in here? (Channel Seven)
The short clip is full of cringe-worthy flirtation and awkward run-ins that you just know deep in your bones is the beginning of one of Home And Away's great love stories.
And, the fans know it, too.
"This looks like it's going to be a fun storyline to watch," one commented.
Another then adding: "This is hilarious 😂. Can't wait for you two to get together."
We've all had THAT awkward encounter with a crush. (Channel Seven)
When TV WEEK first teased the promo hinting at Tori and Christian's romance, Penny responded: "Oh things are about to get real interesting! 😜"
Only further teasing fans (and us)!
"It was nice to become part of the enormously rich tapestry that is Home And Away," Ditch recently told TV WEEK.
Christian made quite the entrance to Summer Bay. (Channel Seven)
"It's nice to put my fingerprint on it.
"I'm fortunate to work with some lovely people too. Penny [McNamee, who plays doctor Tori] is an affable person; bright and bubbly. It's been wonderful to work alongside her – we've developed a trust in each other. When that happens, it allows you to produce great work together."

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