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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away's killer was caught, but only after making Leah a shocking offer

What is Leah hiding?

By Stephen Downie
It's the murder investigation that has gripped Summer Bay and fans alike.
In Home And Away this week, Stephen is arrested for killing Susie – and Leah is caught up in the heart-stopping drama.
We pick up the action with Justin (James Stewart) being interrogated at the police station.
His wild behaviour – a result of his painkiller addition – have seen him become a prime suspect in the investigation into the murder of conwoman Susie (Bridie Carter).
Officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and detective Amy (Lisa Flanagan) argue over who they think killed Susie.
Leah (Ada Nicodemou), meanwhile, is with Stephen (Bren Foster) at his motel. She's just discovered a bag of Susie's things and realised the shocking truth: Stephen is Susie's killer!
Justin has become a prime suspect in the investigation into the murder of conwoman Susie. (Image: Seven)
"Leah is scared but sympathetic, and begs Stephen to come clean to the police," Ada, 44, tells TV WEEK.
"If Stephen lets Justin take the fall for this, he's no better than Susie."
A frantic Leah sends John (Shane Withington) a text from Susie's phone: "Stephen killed Susie. SOS Leah".
John rushes to the police station, where Cash and Amy try to figure out the location of Stephen's motel.
But Stephen knows Leah has found the bag with Susie's belongings – and he's not letting her leave. Poor Leah is now being held hostage!
Scared for her life, but thinking quickly, Leah asks why he didn't just go to the police when he found Susie.
"Stephen seems unhinged, but Leah thinks she could possibly talk him around," Ada says.
Stephen refuses to go to prison for killing Susie, who ripped off so many people.
He appeals to Leah for the two of them to take the $90,000 Susie stole and make a fresh start together.
Don't do it, Leah!
Stephen is caught by police after killing Susie. (Image: Seven)
But no-one's going on the lam. Police descend on the motel, and Cash quickly grabs Stephen as he's trying to do a runner. The arrest means Justin is off the hook for the heinous crime.
Later at home, Leah and Justin take their first steps towards patching up their relationship, so battered in recent times. Yet as Justin walks in, Leah goes to great lengths to hide a bag before he sees it.
What have you done now, Leah?

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