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Home And Away star Sarah Roberts shares a candid and relatable parenting moment with step-daughter Scout

We love the honesty.

By Maddison Hockey
Becoming a step-parent isn't always easy, or glamorous, if Sarah Robert's latest update is anything to go by.
But the Home And Away star sure does pull it off with grace when it comes to husband James Stewart's daughter, Scout.
Taking to Instagram the actress shared a hilarious and candid snap covered in bubbles, at what we can only assume was bath time in her household.

"Step-mumming is really glamorous," Sarah jokingly captioned the photograph.
We all know there are few aspects of parenting that are truly glamorous, but we also know there are many that are joyous. And this is our case in point.
Sarah has opened up in the past about becoming a step-mum to eight-year-old Scout, who hubby and co-star James shares with Packed To The Rafters' star Jessica Marais.
James adores his daughter. (Instagram)
It's a role the actress has revealed, although wasn't always planned, is one she cherishes greatly.
"Covid for me I got to spend a lot of solid time with Jimmy and Scout, which was great for us as a family unit," Sarah told Nova podcast How To…Life. "We really grew together."
"My life now is nothing like I thought it would be. Never in a million years did I think I would be a step mum. I think step mums get a really bad wrap."
"Cinderella - the step mum is awful! I want to rebrand that. It's challenging but it's so rewarding at times too."
Sarah cherishes her role as a step-mum. (Instagram)
From the very beginning of her romance with James, Scout was Sarah's number one priority.
"We didn't want Scout having some girl whizzing in and out of her life.
"I wanted to be a stable adult in her life and we didn't want to bring that up or make it public unless it was going to be a safe environment for Scout.
"That always came first to us and work came second to that."

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