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The cast of Home And Away celebrated Sarah Roberts' final episode in the sweetest way


By Maddison Hockey
The sun has officially set on Sarah Roberts' Summer Bay stint and we're pretty torn over it.
One part of us is really happy her character Willow is getting the happily-ever-after she deserves, but the other part of us is like a sulky child not wanting to see her go.
We're not the only ones feeling her absence already, her Home And Away co-stars have been secretly missing her for months since she wrapped up filming.
As Willow said her goodbyes on screen last night, driving off into the sunset, the stars of Summer Bay took to Instagram to share their feelings about her departure.
Courtney shared this sweet snap. (Instagram)
Courtney Miller, who plays Bella on the show, kicked things off with a dedication to Sarah, writing: "Good-bye to my beautiful on screen sis."
Patrick O'Connor who plays Dean, Willow's BFF, shared a sweet shot of a polaroid that had been captured.
"Goodbye to my best on screen friend," he wrote before adding: "We miss you dearly."
He then cheekily shared another shot of a very unimpressed Sarah in the backseat of a car, captioning the pic: "Your facial expressions really were the best."
How cute. (Instagram)
Ha-ha! (Instagram)
Of course real-life best-friend and her on-screen love, Zoe Ventoura aka Alex, shared her joy in their mutual happy ending.
"...and they lived happily ever after 😉❤️@sarahroberts @homeandaway," Zoe captioned a cute snap of their character's together.

Zoe was also by Sarah's side with co-stars Tim Franklin, Sam Frost, Ditch Davey and husband James Stewart hosting a final viewing party for the last episode.
Sam shared a shot of the group on the couch celebrating Sarah's final scene.
Captioning the adorable pic, Sam wrote: "Byeee Willow❤ WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH."
How cute is this party! (Instagram)
Speaking exclusively to Now To Love about leaving the show, Sarah admitted it was her co-stars who she'd miss most.
"I feel like there are lifelong friendships and I mean, I got a husband out of this job and a beautiful step-daughter," she said.
"We all become like family. And, you do get worried that you're never going to see anybody again, but my husband's still on the show and I'm with Tim Franklin now and we just went for a coffee on the beach."

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