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Home and Away: A desperate Mackenzie gambles everything to get out of debt - including her relationship with Logan

''The shame she feels propels her to make the decision to keep him in the dark.''

By Tamara Cullen
Place your bets, folks! This week on Home and Away, a glitzy illegal poker night brings big players to town – and they mean business.
With no end in sight to her money woes due to her insurance claim being denied, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is facing an uphill battle to keep Salt, while continuing to lie about it to boyfriend Logan (Harley Bonner).
She is so afraid of failing in front of him that she'll cover her tracks at any cost.
Mackenzie (Emily Weir) may be in too deep with her underground poker night. (Image: Seven)
But now, she may be in too deep when she decides to host an underground poker night.
Felicity recently suggested the idea, explaining how her former boss would make upwards of $10K in one night. Mac rejected the offer, refusing to go to such lengths.
But when debt collectors arrive on her doorstep seeking payment, she quickly changes her tune.
The night is a huge success! (Image: Seven)
"Financial stress makes people behave completely out of character and this is true for Mackenzie in the this case. The poker nights seem like a quick and easy solution to her massive burden," Emily tells TV WEEK.
Before long, Felicity has secured a list of high rollers and Salt is given a glamorous makeover. Mac keeps the details discreet, telling Logan she's holding a private event. But how long can she keep it a secret?
"The shame she feels propels her to make the decision to keep him in the dark," Emily says.
That night, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) offers his bartending services, while Tane is keen to join in the action.
At the tables, Felicity greets guests, making it look like a breeze. Tane is winning big, raking in the chips – causing quite the stir. Mac is stunned. The night is a huge success!
The following morning, however, the guilt sets in. She committed a crime to help herself and she's lying to the man she loves. This can't end well… and yet, she may risk it all again for the fortune.

Jasmine struggles to accept her family

Xander and Rose have arrived in Summer Bay hoping to get to know their half-sister Jasmine (Sam Frost). Problem is, she's not sure she wants to know them.
This week, the trio tread uneasy ground in their efforts to get to know each other. Xander (Luka Van Os) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) only learned of Jasmine after their father passed away.
"Upon the will reading, Xander finds a name he doesn't recognise, Jasmine Delaney," Luke tells TV WEEK. "Xander comes to the Bay to figure out who this mystery woman is and at the very least give her the money his father left in the will for her."
Xander and Rose have arrived in Summer Bay hoping to get to know their half-sister Jasmine. (Image: Seven)
Jasmine, however, remains skeptical of both her late father's goodwill and her step-siblings true intentions.
Refusing to be scammed, she asks Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to run a background check on them. Disappointed, Xander suggests they leave town.
It could be all over before its begun.
Home and Away airs Monday-Thursday at 7pm on Seven.

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