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Home And Away's Roo discovers she's not seeing ghosts she's seeing double as Evan's SECRET twin Owen is found

“He arrives and is confronted by this bombshell.

By Tamara Cullen
The twists about Evan's life continue to pile up this week when his long-lost brother discovers their family history. And sadly, Roo doesn't handle it well.
In recent episodes of Home And Away, Roo (Georgie Parker) believed her grief over Evan's (Cameron Daddo) death was causing her to have hallucinations, imagining she could see him.
But nothing could have prepared her to meet his twin brother Owen – and in Summer Bay no less!
Roo is confronted by Evan's exact double. (Channel Seven)
At the caravan park, Marilyn (Emily Symons) delivers an envelope to Owen containing information about his family. It's confirmation that he's Evan's twin and that they were separated at birth, each adopted by a different family.
"As far as Owen was concerned, he's an only child and both of his parents have passed away," Cameron, 55, tells TV WEEK. "He arrives and is confronted by this bombshell. He can't deny what he's hearing and seeing; it's too real."
That afternoon, Owen shares his news with Roo, Alf (Ray Meagher) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich), who stare in disbelief. Roo does her best to contain her emotions, but when no-one is looking, she sheds a quiet tear…
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Ryder encourages Owen to learn more about his brother and presents him with his father's guitar.
Together, they exchange stories about their lives and celebrate the brother Owen never got to meet.
"Owen has no way of asking his parents about it, so he turns to Ryder and Roo for answers," Cameron explains. "Both of them are tentative towards him and Roo struggles to help him. It's incredibly confronting for everyone."
Ryder gifts Owen something VERY special. (Channel Seven)
Back home, Roo confesses to Alf her true feelings for Evan. Perhaps, she did love him after all and now it's too late…
How will she move on from her grief with the arrival of his twin?

Dean's bombshell has Ziggy reeling

Since Amber (Maddy Jevic) dropped the bombshell that Dean (Patrick O'Connor) has a son, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman, both above) has tried her best to be supportive.
Unfortunately, as Dean grows closer to both his son Jai and to Amber, the mechanic begins to feel she doesn't fit in with the happy trio – not to mention that Amber makes it clear that Ziggy has little place in their family.
Tensions between Amber and Ziggy continue to grow as they navigate new territory. Amber decided to introduce Dean to her son as a friend, withholding the truth that he's his father.
However, it all changes when the youngster asks Dean about his dad. Unable to lie, Dean confesses everything and waits for the fallout.
To his surprise, young Jai is thrilled!
Ziggy is torn over Dean's newfound dad status. (Channel Seven)
"Raising Jai on her own wasn't easy, so introducing Dean into Jai's life and working at how to manage their new family dynamic definitely brings them closer," Maddy tells TV WEEK.
At the Diner, Ziggy joins the trio for lunch, but seeing their obvious bond leaves her with an uneasy feeling in her stomach.
Amber adds to Ziggy's worry by reiterating that no-one can come between their family.
Dean instantly bonds with Jai. (Channel Seven)
"Amber and Ziggy's relationship is a complicated one," Maddy says. "Amber isn't intentionally out to start drama with Ziggy, but they have different personalities – and with both having strong ties to Dean, naturally there's tension between them."
That night, Ziggy makes an excuse to stay at the Farmhouse instead of at home.
Dean is confused by his partner's behaviour, wondering what he's done to upset her.
Wiping away tears, a sad Ziggy packs a bag and walks out the door…

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