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Putting their bromance on the line! Home And Away besties Ditch Davey and James Stewart go head-to-head in the ultimate showdown

Mate verse mate!

By Bella Brennan
They may be the best of mates on the set of their hit show Home And Away but on Wednesday night, actors James Stewart and Ditch Davey embraced some friendly rivalry all in the name of sport.
The close friends got together to enjoy a cosy night in front of the television with a bottle of wine in hand to watch the second game of the State Of Origin rugby league series, which sees NSW battle it out against Queensland for the duration of three games.
Taking to Instagram to document their mate date, Ditch, who plays neurosurgeon Dr Christian Green, shared a selfie with James alongside the caption: "Mate v mate."
In the shot, proud Queenslander James dons his maroon jersey while Ditch wears a blue scarf to represent his alliance with NSW.
James, who plays Justin Morgan on the show, posted a similar pic and captioned it: "QUEENSLANDAHHH!!!!!"
With a glass of wine in tow, the Home And Away co-stars enjoyed a cosy night in to watch the State Of Origin. (Image: Instagram)
Both posts were both flooded with comments from proud NRL fans.
One person wrote: "As much as I love @jamesstewart .... Go the Blues!!!"
"Ditch is going to have bragging rights over James soon. Not long left now," a second said.
"Love you both but without the NSW surgeon you're a goner James lol," another teased.
"Mighty maroons all the way," a passionate QLD supporter noted.
Another eagle-eyed fan was quick to call out former Melbourne local Ditch, writing: "Omg you look so Melbourne in this photo. You make me want to go for QLD."
"Is it the scarf or the Tan?" Ditch asked.
"The chardonnay," they replied.
"It's clearly pinot grigio... Oh ok, I see it now," the 48-year-old laughed.
Sadly for James, NSW beat QLD meaning Ditch gets the ultimate bragging rights. (Image: Instagram)
Meanwhile James and Ditch's co-star Bridie Carter also joined in on the ribbing, commenting under James' snap: "Hmmmmmm."
Sadly for James the Blues beat Queensland 34-10.
Since joining the show earlier in the year, Ditch has formed a strong bond with James and the pair are often spotted hanging out together off set.
"He's a consummate professional, funny and articulate. We've really hit it off. I have a buddy now and I'm really happy about it," James told New Idea of their bromance.
The actors have become fast friends since Ditch joined the soapie. (Image: Instagram)

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