You know they belong together: Meet the cast of Home And Away’s real-life partners

Who are their off-screen Summer babes?

By Bella Brennan
On screen, their character's love lives are nothing short of dramatic. From cheating scandals, to divorces, whirlwind romances and of course, a classic Home And Away wedding episode is always a winner with viewers.
But what are your favourite Home And Away star's real-life romances like?
Well, it turns out the cast's love lives away from the cameras are just as interesting.
From Lynne McGranger's decades-long partnership and the reason she refuses to get married, to Ray Meagher finding The One later in life, or Cameron Daddo's epic love story with wife Ali Daddo, these could have been plot lines straight from Summer Bay.
The show is also a breeding ground for young love with many actors falling for each other on the set of Home And Away over the years.
Just ask Sarah and James Roberts, whose on-screen chemistry between Willow spilled into the actors' personal lives with the pair tying the knot last year.
"Never underestimate a good hair flick, some leathers & a punch in the guts. It may just land you a husband!" Sarah revealed on Instagram this week as she posted a video of their fateful first scene on Home And Away.
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