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EXCLUSIVE: Dancing With The Stars judge Sharna Burgess could be Australia’s next Bachelorette!

We've seen her dance onscreen, now we could be about to watch Sharna fall in love too.
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Audiences might be familiar with Sharna Burgess as the feisty redhead judge on Dancing With The Stars, but they could soon be seeing a whole new side to the professional dancer, one that shows her quest for love!

The 34-year-old tells TV WEEK that one jokey comment at last year’s Melbourne Cup about being the next Bachelorette in Australia has taken on a life of its own.

In fact, she could be signing on the dotted line in the future to join the show.

In fact, she could be signing on the dotted line in the future to join the show.

Sharna admits it wasn’t just fans egging on her to do the show, but Network 10 were keen too.

“Ten were saying to me, ‘Are you serious about this? Would you want to do it? Let’s have a conversation,'” she says.

“And then I realised this could be a real thing if I wanted it to be.”

Despite being very open about wanting to find love, the dancer is reluctant to start handing out roses just yet.

“The thing that makes me nervous is that on the US version, the level of drama is unbelievable,” Sharna says.

“I’m not a drama person and wouldn’t want to be a part of that kind of television.

“In saying that, I haven’t seen the Aussie version get to that level of drama.”

Sharna is currently starring as one of the judges on Dancing With The Stars, but she could soon have another role with Ten lined up – as the new Bachelorette!

(Image: Channel 10)

But Sharna might just have to say yes, purely to keep her family happy.

“I will say that everyone around me is on board, everyone in the States wants me to do it, and Amanda Keller [co-host of DWTS] is really keen for me to do it!” she says with a laugh.

Even if her Prince Charming isn’t found on camera for the nation to see, she does hope she finds love soon, to start the next chapter of her life.

“I’m at a point where I’m very clear about who I am and my direction in life,” Sharna says.

“But now, I want to share it with someone.”

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Sharna says she is at a point in her life where she is ready for love.

(Image: Instagram)

The stunning redhead wants to share her success with a loving partner.

(Image: Instagram)

Sharna admits after going from relationship to relationship in her 20s, she discovered she didn’t have any idea who she was.

“I had no idea who I was without a man, so I knew I needed at least 18 months of being by myself and being OK with my own company,”

she says.

“And understanding that loneliness isn’t a thing unless you make it a thing. And then I was so busy, I forgot I was single!

“It wasn’t until it was a rainy Sunday morning and you just want to snuggle someone and sleep in that I realised, ‘Oh, I’m single.'”

Sharna is hoping that finding the right man to have by her side means she can also start a family, a part of life she’s really looking forward to experiencing.

“I want that gift of growing a human,” she says. “Unfortunately for us as women, we have an expiry date [for fertility]. I’m at the age where friends are on their second baby, they’re married and in love and in that space.”

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Sharna usually lives in Los Angeles, but is currently living with her Mum in Melbourne while she films DWTS.

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Despite being based in the US at the moment, Sharna hopes to be back in Australia permanently in the future.

“I would love to raise kids in Australia,” she says. “I love our culture and our people. I love our school systems and medical system.

“And even though I know I will always travel because of the entertainment industry, I’d love to do more and more work here and bring my life back home a little bit.”

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With the second season of Dancing With The Stars being filmed in Melbourne this year, it has meant Sharna gets to spend extra time with her mum while she’s back home.

“I love having my family in the audience,” she says with a smile. “I’ll never get over that feeling.”

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