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The Logies brawl no one saw coming! Malcolm Kennard knocks out Bo Phillips at the Logies

The Logies is supposed to be a night filled with glitz and glamour but this year included ruffles of the non-fashion variety.
Lauren Phillips and Malcolm Kennard

It appears Catching Milat actor, Malcolm Kennard, was still going method, after allegedly being involved in a punch-up with Channel Nine presenter Lauren Phillips’ brother Bo at a Logies after-party on Sunday evning.

The Herald Sun claims the 49-year-old allegedly knocked Bo Phillips unconscious at Shane Warne’s Club 23 in Crown Towers around 3.30am on Monday morning.

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Just hours later Bo tweeted, “Was it something I said?”

He later went into detail about the events that transpired.

Taking to Facebook, he penned, “Thank you for everyone’s concern. A disappointing conclusion to an otherwise terrific night.”

“Crown, and Club 23 staff are to be commended, and thanks also to all that assisted. I am unsure what prompted the incident.”

Bo with his sister Lauren at the beginning of the night.

“Fortunately, I am fine,” he confirmed after it was reported Bo received medical attention following the altercation.

“However, as we are all sadly aware these situations have the potential to turn out far worse – so, I urge everyone to stop and think before carrying out such reckless and dangerous actions.”

While no complaint has been lodged with the police, a Nine spokeswoman commented on the biff, explaining the actor was not an invited guest to the after party.

Malcolm was not invited to the Nine party.

“We are disgusted that someone who was uninvited would attend our private party and behave in such a repulsive manner. Nine is investigating the matter.”

“We are supporting Lauren, and will not comment further at this stage.”

An eye witness at the party, told the Herald Sun their account of the fight.

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“Bo suddenly hit the deck. He hit the ground pretty hard. Dr Chris Brown was first to the scene, rolling him on his side and checking him over,” they recalled.

“Bo’s girlfriend was there. She was distraught and crying. He was unconscious for a long time.”

The witness added that Malcolm seemed unfazed, “He (Kennard) just walked back inside and ordered a drink or two at the bar before leaving himself.”

The actor, who has not commented on the fight, was nominated as Most Outstanding Actor for his role as Australia’s worst serial killer, Ivan Milat, but lost out to Alex Dimitriades.

Dr Chris Brown was said to have helped Bo out.

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