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Johnny Depp mocks that awkward apology video to Australia

Johnny Depp has poked fun at the video apology he and Amber Heard were forced to make after their dogs were illegally smuggled into Australia.

We could have guessed that Johnny Depp wasn’t actually sincere in his apology video to Australia but the actor has now left no doubt about his real feelings during a recent public appearance.

Depp was on stage with director Tim Burton and Australian actress Mia Wasikowska during an Alice Through the Looking Glass press conference in the U.K. at the weekend when he made fun of the whole dog-gate debarchle.

“I’m going to do this everywhere I go,” Depp quipped. “I would really like to apologise for not smuggling my dogs into England because it would have been a bad thing to do.”

In April Depp, 52, and his wife Amber Heard were forced to apologise to the people of Australia for illegally smuggling their dogs, Pistol and Boo, into the country.

The A-list couple escaped a possible jail sentence by recording a message advising travellers to respect Australia’s strict quarantine laws.

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