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Did Jessica Rowe just hang up on Kyle Sandilands?

Their phone call took a seriously creepy turn.
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Jessica Rowe has zero tolerance for misogynistic b——t.

We know this after the Studio 10 star stood up to the corporate bullies and pushed back on that infamous “boning” scandal with Eddie McGuire.

In short, she’s become one of the most inspirational and relatable women on Australian TV.

And today, we’re cheering on Jess yet again following a very uncomfortable conversation with KIIS FM’s resident s–t stirrer, Kyle Sandilands.

On Thursday, the 47-year-old phoned in to The Kyle and Jackie O Show for a catch up and it was all going seemingly well.

The mother-of-two opened up about being a “very proud crap housewife”, confessing to having baskets of laundry piling up around the house.

The topic then moved onto pet nicknames between her husband and Channel 9 newsreader Peter Overton after she revealed he calls her “pussy cat.”

“I call him Petey Pie!” Jess confessed.

“It’s cute but it’s not that sexy,” Kyle commented.

“Petey Pie and Pussy Cat, that’s the cutest couple name ever,” Jackie laughed.

WATCH: Jess talks about her nickname for her husband. Post continues…

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“I’ve got a terrible visual of Peter Overton. He’s on all fours, he’s in ding-dong undies and he’s getting around like a cat. Meow,” Kyle observed.

“Whenever I’ve spoken with you guys afterwards [Peter] says ‘pussycat why didn’t you zip it?’ You [guys] always lead me down that road,” Jess admitted.

“Let’s give him a special message now – meow, meow. You know I’ve got a hairless pussy, it’s one of those sphynx,” shock jock Kyle continued.

“You have a sphynx?” Jess queried.

“Yeah, it’s got no hair on it – I did an inappropriate joke, I got in trouble with [girlfriend] Imogen because her dad was over and the cat was in Imogen’s lap and I was patting it. I said ‘It’s not often you can pat your hairless pussy with your father here on the couch,'” Kyle said.

Between Kyle’s snorts of laughter, there was one other distinct sound – that of a dead phone line.

“Oh! That was too much for Jess clearly. And now you’ve offended her! You shouldn’t have done that,” Jackie giggled.

Jess, pictured with husband and her two daughters Giselle and Allegra, revealed she calls her husband “Petey Pie.”

Taking to Twitter shortly after her radio appearance, Jess clarified that she didn’t hang up.

“My mobile dropped out! I love these two and it was all in good fun,” the star insisted.

Well, that’s got to be the best timing ever for a tech glitch.

Either way, we reckon it’s about time Kyle kept his crude comments to himself.

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