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Social media shy Jennifer Aniston has given us a sneak peek into her home life

We see everything: her home, her dogs and even best friend Courteney Cox.
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Jennifer Aniston is notoriously private. She drives tabloids to despair by not giving them an inch and expertly avoids questions about her private life in interviews.

But now the actress has given us a peek into her home, her dogs and hanging with her best friend Courteney Cox.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but we’re preeeeetty sure the photoshoot was purely to spruik Smartwater.


Who knows though, such a subtle product placement had us scratching our heads too.

Props to the company though. To get the social media shy star not only sharing pics online but images revealing her home life we’ve never been privy to before must have cost them a pretty penny.

Speaking of pretty pennies, we see inside Jen’s $20 million Bel-Air mansion.

(What a segue.)


The kitchen features a group of cookbooks which we assume is a purely decorative feature given the star’s well-documented dislike for cooking, relying instead on her personal chef for home cooked meals.

That woman is living her best life.

The photos also show Jen showering her pups with love.


The Friends alum has several dogs, including a white shepherd mix, Dolly, and pit bull mix, Sophie Kangen Wate.

The company also shared a very candid and in no way posed photo of Jen with best friend Couretney Cox.

Doesn’t everyone invite their mates over to balance water on your shoulder and take a pic? No? Oh, weird.

Just me and Jen then.

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