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Zoë Foster-Blake manages to fool the internet with her perfect fake tattoo

This is so cool, we forgive the trickery.

By Holly Royce
Fans of 37-year-old funny lady, Zoë Foster-Blake, were shocked after the mum-of-two shared a picture of her "first tattoo" as part of her Instagram story this week.
The tattoo, perfect lowercase black cursive on her right wrist, read "be a boss!" and seemed to be a perfect fit for the author, beauty guru, fashion designer and writer.
And yet... as authentic as it may look, the tat was just a fake - and we all fell for it.
Zoë's Instagram story and amazing fake tattoo
The wife of Hamish Blake told her almost 650,000, "JK. It's fake and part of some VERY AWESOME new @breakupboss sh*t happening real soon."
In March last year, Zoë released an iPhone app for break-ups, thoughtfully entitled 'Break-Up Boss.'
Zoë's confirms it's fake.
"Then, last year, I realised it should be an APP, not a book! So, I jammed a books' worth of content into a tidy little app, and today that app and idea is finally live. 💔"
The Wrong Girl author goes onto explain that the app is designed to work as a "digital pocket coach."

"It's called Break-Up Boss, and it has a singular goal: to help women handle, heal and move on from their breakup in a healthy, positive way. To act as a digital pocket coach for your traumatised, fragile, gorgeous little heart," she writes.
"After all: Why should break-ups be the boss of your life, mood, personality, diet, social life, sleep patterns, and (now ravenous and atrocious) drinking habits? F*ck that. You gotta take back control. You gotta be the boss of your break-up. You gotta make it work for you. And hopefully, with Break-Up Boss, you will. 💔"
Okay, we guess we can forgive the trickery because the latest news is pretty awesome... Almost one year after the app launched, Break-Up Boss the book has launched!

"You guys were all like: "Make it into a book! Paper is still cool! Also, it means we can gift it to our sad friends real easy!" And since I always listen to you guys, except when you try to tell me lemon sorbet is a viable dessert: here we are," Zoe explains.
The book will be available in April and we have no doubt it will be awesome.