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EXCLUSIVE: Why Cassandra Thorburn has forgiven Karl Stefanovic

Woman's Day can exclusively reveal how she’s made peace with her ex walking out on their marriage.

The estranged wife of the Today host thought she would never recover from the shock of her husband walking out.
Karl, 42, left behind their 21-year marriage and three kids, Jackson, 17, Ava, 11, and River, 10, without any explanation or warning.
But five months after her home life was ripped apart and the details of her messy break-up revealed, friends say the resilient 45-year-old is making sense of what happened and getting her life back on track.
“Last year was the worst year 
of Cass’s life. She was blindsided by Karl leaving, and discovering how much of his life he had kept secret made her feel like their whole relationship had been a lie,” says a close friend.
“But she’s finally happy again. She may never really know what happened – but she’s letting go. Cass is ready to forgive and move on – for the sake of her mental health and for her kids.”
In fact, the journalist embraced her first Christmas without Karl by jetting off to Mexico's sunny Cancun.
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The power couple were married for 21 years, but Cass seems to be embracing her new lease on life.

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