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QUIZ: What you see here can explain your personality

What do you see?

Hidden within this illustration are two different drawings and whichever you see first could reveal certain aspects about your personality, says its creators.
The back of a young girl's head or an elderly man's face. Which can you see?
While it's hardly scientific, the quiz maker, TeacherQuizzes explains that depending on what you see could be the difference between you viewing the world in an optimistic light or someone who is a little more grounded.
The girl is supposed to represent the optimistic among us; ones that question very little and live life impulsively. While these people might be exciting, their lack of forethought can sometimes get them into sticky situations.
The people who see the old man are supposedly more calm and considered personalities. They may not seem as fun and spontaneous as others, and some might think they are stickers for rules, but they tend to be good leaders who like to plan ahead.