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Weightloss guru - I lost 160 kilos!

On the eve of her visit Down Under, bubbly TV personality Ruby Gettinger reveals to JACKIE BRYGEL why she is at last fulfilling her dearest dream
Morbidly obese at 320kg, Ruby Gettinger longed to travel the world. But one thing prevented the plus-sized TV personality from realising her jetsetting dreams – she couldn’t fit into the bathroom on a plane.
Now, having shed an incredible 160kg and inspired people through her regular appearances on Oprah and her own reality TV show, the sky is finally the limit for the flame-headed US dynamo.
The motivating star of The Style Network’s new series Ruby had no trouble choosing her first destination. She will leave the US for our shores on November 11.
“I can’t wait to come to Australia,” enthuses Ruby, who never reveals her age. “I’ve never been anywhere, but it was the first place on my dream list. “The bathrooms on planes are so small anyway, but can you imagine me even trying to get into one before?”

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